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Barb and Salo




Barb and Salo met 19 years ago at work and discovered they both had a passion for music and songwriting. They formed a duo where Barb Heintzelman sings, plays guitar and keyboard.  Salo Stanley plays percussion the cajoin, drums, Handpan, Native American Flute and Mandolin.  They love writing spiritual uplifting songs that are fun and positive.  They have a gospel, spiritual devotional, bluesy, and sometimes retro 1960s vibe.  Barb and Salo played for many spiritual centers in California, Cambria Unity Church,  Church for Today Fresno, California, Unity Fresno, Central Valley Center for Spiritual Living.  The longest gig was at the  Spiritual Life Center in Clovis every Sunday for 9 years. 

Presently, they perform music at many spiritual centers live and on live streaming over the internet for other churches, and centers across the USA.  Barb and Salo perform live on Zoom every Sunday at Unity Springfield Illinois 10:00 am Central Time.  The third Sunday of every month they live stream from their home studio to Colorado's Spiritual Life Center Metro North with Rev Michael and Valerie Torphy. 


They live in Springfield, Illinois with their three fur babies two cats (Olivia and Clara) and one Chihuahua named Daisy Lolieta Freida Maria.

Barb and Salo

Available to play music for your Spiritual Center or Church.  They do live streaming in their studio Pink Poodle Production in Springfield, Illinois.  They are very versatile in choice of music for your event. Just click on contact on menu bar and fill out the form.