Barb and Salo Services

Barb Heintzelman


Creative Teacher

Whether it is Reiki, Pre K tutoring, reading, beginning Guitar or learning english.  Barb will find a way to teach you in a creative and compassionate atmosphere. She is great reading stories, using fun puppets, and singing and playing her guitar.  Even you adults that need some TLC she can do 30 min of music, story telling and uplifing talk for you!  All lessons are done online and reasonably priced.  

Here motto is keep things fun, simple and inspiring in the Universe.

Her favorite quote is by Louise Hay

"Humor and Joy contribute to my total well being"

Her website button is below.

Barb and Salo Musicgram

Barb and Salo can send a personalized music video performance for birthdays, anniversary, holiday, or special occasions.  The cost is $25.  Contact them with what you would like.